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SUPERDANNY Surge Protector Power Strip with 22 AC Outlets & 6 USB 1050J 6.5Ft Extension Cord

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Color: Black
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SUPERDANNY Surge Protector Power Strip with 22 AC Outlets & 6 USB 1050J 6.5Ft Extension Cord (Updated)

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22 AC Outlets and 6 Smart Charging USB Ports, Ultra Power Solution for Your Multiple Devices Set-up in One Spot.


  • AC Input/Output: 110-240V, 50/60Hz, Max 15A
  • Rated Power: 1875W in US/Canada, Max 3600W Worldwide
  • Product Size: 13.5 in* 7.1 in* 1.4 in
  • Product Weight: 2.5 lbs (1117g)
  • USB Output: Max 2.4A/Port, 4.8A Shared
  • Surge Protection: 1050 Joules
  • Cord Length: 6.5 ft (2m)
  • Plug Type: 45° Angled Type B – 3 pin (North American)
  • 8-Fold Safety Protection: Surge Protection, Flame-Retardant, Overload Protection, Overheat Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Over-Current Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Grounded Protection
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flat plug and 6ft 14AWG heavy-duty power cord

  • The power strip connects with a 3-prong flat plug and 6ft 14AWG heavy-duty power cord, allowing you to connect to the power supply conveniently. AC Outlet Output: 125V, 15A, 1875W (Please do not overload the outlets).
  • Package with 4 screws and 1 marking sheet. There are 4 hanging holes on the back of the power strip, which can be used to fix the power strip on the wall or on the table, which can make the space more tidy and orderly.
  • Present for New College Life.
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  • There is a multi-protection system that safeguards you from short-circuits, overheating, over-voltage, over-current, overload, etc., so you can have peace of mind.
  • Sudden increases in voltage can damage your electronics, this power strip is equipped with 1050-joule surge protectors to keep protect your personal computer, laptop, printer, scanner, router, phone, fax, modem, television, lamp, or any other home/office electronics from sudden surges and spikes.

Most Outlets Ever

22 AC outlets,6 USB ports – the most sockets we ave added to a power strip yet. Your multi device world, from gaming setup,home theater,and offices to surrounding sound system,will all get powered!

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No more interruptions by switching devices in one plug,or looking around for a power source when you are diving into your work. Everything is organized and efficient.

Massive – not just about the size, outlets – but of the protection capacity we put in this power strip. You and your devices are confidently protected from voltage surge at 1050J, overload,short-circuit,over-current,over-voltage,and over-heating.

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Visible Protection

The power indicator inside the switch lights up when the power is on. Green indicator lights up for grounded, if not, please change to a grounded live outlet. When the power strip is surge protected, the red indicator lights up and when it is off, please replace this surge protector with a new one as the 1050J surge protection joules are fully depleted.


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Fire-Retardant Exterior

The casing is made of ABS+PC, a compound material with high strength, high impact & heat resistance. Durable and perfect for use in school home office. With a fire-retardant level of UL94 V-0, the casing can withstand the heat of 1382°F. No need to worry about fire hazards even it was burned.


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Widely Spaced Outlets

The unique design of this usb power strip allows there to be no issues with some bulkier plugs blocking other outlets, as the outlets are spaced out enough. There are four rows of outlets that give you multiple ways of plugging in a variety of cords.


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Anti-Slip Feet

4 anti-slip feet on the back of this keep this surge protector stay put on a smooth surface without scratching it.


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About this item

Color Black
Maximum Surge Rating 1050 Joules
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13.5 x 7.1 x 1.4 inches
Number of USB Ports 6
Number of Outlets 22
Item Weight 2.81 pounds
Product Dimensions 13.5 x 7.1 x 1.4 inches



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